December 2020 — Here’s to Our Volunteers!

“It’s part of life, physically or psychologically, to help another human.” In my opinion our STP volunteers are all about that.

Shower the People is an all-volunteer organization, and our December Newsletter is a tribute to everyone on our wonderful team.

STP shut down our shower program in March of 2020 due to the onset of COVID19 in our county. Closing was not an easy decision for us; we had gotten to know and care for many of our homeless guests and knew they would be particularly vulnerable to the virus. It was with a heavy heart that we closed.

In May the County gave STP the go-ahead to restart our program, and we wasted no time in preparing to reopen.

We redesigned our shower program from scratch, using the best health protocols, PPE, disinfectants and site layout in order to prevent our volunteers and guests from contracting and spreading the virus. In June, those of our volunteers who were able to, signed up and once more started volunteering at our sites.

Below I’d like to introduce to you our site team members and their responses to the question, “Why do you volunteer with Shower the People?”


“I started with showers because I love mechanical things, fixing stuff and developing systems and procedures (control freak?). But now that I’ve worked with our volunteers, I’m continually blown away by the kindness and motivation of those folks that dedicate their time to this wonderful endeavor. And, the pleasure I get from hearing our appreciative guests thank us for what we do, is just the best! I’ve learned so much in the last few years thanks to everyone at Shower The People.”


“I enjoy giving back to the community I am apart of; I am pretty sure I benefit as much as the clients I serve.”


“I enjoy volunteering for STP because I’ve met many new friends who have the same goals of serving others as me. It is my way of extending care to the community by providing a much needed service and it is very gratifying to hear how appreciative the people are for the use of this service.”

Dave B.

“I keep volunteering because it is a useful thing to do, and it is one of the few opportunities to get out in the world during the pandemic.”

Dave G.

“The teamwork among the volunteers, and the smiles on the faces of those we serve keep me coming back week after week.”


“The teamwork! And, Rick’s jokes!


“It makes me feel good to help others”


“I like meeting and being with other team members, and, of course, seeing the happy faces of those who exit the showers.”


“I volunteer because I see the direct impact of a shower – the smile, the grin, or the bounce in their step.”


“Volunteering feeds my soul and Shower the People is an amazing organization that provides a basic human need with kindness and dignity.”


“I have really appreciated the opportunity to use my gifts to bring much-deserved attention to this incredible program! The people are all amazing and generous souls who want to bring more light and love to our community.”

Note From Our Volunteer Coordinator Claire

November has been a busy month at the showers. I want to thank the dedicated volunteers who carry out the tasks that keep our showers open. We are especially grateful to those who are working during the pandemic. I appreciate the protocols that keep us mindful of safe health practices.

This month we welcomed several new volunteers: Gina, Pamela, Kathryn and trainees Pam and Cindy. I am so grateful for their enthusiasm! Thanks for the training provided by Gary and Dory and Rick. What a team!

We always welcome new volunteers. Think about mentioning our program to your friends and neighbors!

Shower Stats

January through November of 2020 STP has provided 1,627 showers to the homeless in our communities. We handed out 1,037 pairs of new boxers, 1,323 pairs of new socks, and 255 new T-shirts the latest addition to our giveaways.

*Due to the onset of COVID19 our program was closed from mid-March to June.